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Divine Perspective CHAPTER LIST
  • Divine Perspective

  • Author(s) : Tianjin Zhangyue Culture Tianjin Zhangyue Culture Communication Co. Ltd.;天津掌阅文化,天津掌阅文化传播有限公司
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May 18, 16:32
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  • view : 1.933.990
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy
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Divine Perspective:

An accident gave Ye Han an amazing perspective ability. Since then, his life has become rich and colorful, pioneering the strongest business empire, dominating the world of gambling, rejuvenating with one-handed medical skills, and becoming a master of medical ethics. Sitting on billions of fortunes, Loli, Yujie, Jinghua, and the goddess rushed towards him. As a man, but also a limited edition man, Ye Han was under great pressure and had to explore with several grave robbers. However, , A shocking secret that has been traced from ancient times to the present has gradually
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